Certified Tax Specialist

Give your clients investment related tax advice.

Certified Tax Specialist

The CTS™ designation is the first of its kind in the industry and has proven effective in helping reducing clients’ tax obligations. With CTS™ knowledge and strategies, you can offer expert guidance on

  • who must file an income tax return
  • the impact of current tax regulations on individuals, couples, families, and business owners
  • business income and home businesses
  • tax credits, itemized deductions, and retirement plans
  • LLCs and S corporations

As you master these topics and tools, you also gain the confidence to achieve the maximum savings for your clients at tax time.

Increase client comprehension.

Describe the IRS statute of limitations, interest, and penalty provisions.

Communicate optimal strategies.

Explain why having your own business is the best tax shelter.

Provide expert guidance.

Calculate withholding, estimated payments, and FICA taxes.

Develop discernment skills.

Compare and contrast early retirement plan distribution options.

Avoid common mistakes.

Understand which costs of home ownership are deductible.

Recognize troublesome loopholes.

Spot alimony payments that are disguised as child support.


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