Certified Fund Specialist

Distinguish yourself with your education.


The CFS designation is not only one of the most respected designation in the industry, it’s also among the most transformational. With CFS knowledge and strategies, you master the tools that your clients need most and set yourself apart from competitors.

Increase client comprehension.

Show clients how any investment can be easily understood and categorized.

Pick proven winners.

Learn which value stock sectors outperform their growth counterparts.

Develop discernment skills.

Understand valuation numbers and determine when equities are fairly valued.

Avoid common mistakes.

See why gold, oil, and other commodities have become poor investments.

Assess risk with confidence.

Learn to use the one measurement that can be applied universally to calculate all risks.

Communicate optimal strategies.

Explain when indexing should be used and when active management is the best approach.

Identify alternative investments.

Discover effective substitutes for money market and high-yield bond funds.


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