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Largest Mutual Funds


Largest Mutual Funds

Table 9 lists the largest mutual funds in the U.S. as of December 2015, according to


Table 9

20 Largest Mutual Funds as of December 2015


Vanguard 500 Index; Adm  (VFIAX)

Vanguard Total Stock; Inv  (VGTSX)

Vanguard TSM Index; Adm  (VTSAX)

American Funds Inc; A  (AMECX)

Fidelity Cash Reserves  (FDRXX)

American Funds CIB; A  (CAIBX)

Vanguard Prime MM; Inv  (VMMXX)

Vanguard Wellington; Adm  (VWENX)

Vanguard Instl Index; Inst  (VNIX)

Dodge & Cox Intl Stock  (DODFX)

Vanguard TSM Index; Inv  (VTSMX)

Vanguard TSM Idx; Inst  (VSMPX)

Vanguard Instl Index; InsP  (VIIX)

BlkRk Lq:TempFund; Inst  (TMPXX)

Fidelity Contrafund  (FCNTX)

PIMCO: Tot Rtn; Inst  (PTTRX)

JP Morgan: Prime MM; Cap  (CJPXX)

Vanguard Tot Bd; Adm  (VBTLX)

American Funds Growth; A  (AGTHX)

American Funds ICA; A  (AIVSX)


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