Certified Fund Specialist

Distinguish yourself with your education.


One in three Americans owns shares of a mutual fund. Without the leading-edge knowledge you get with our Certified Fund Specialist® (CFS®) designation, you may be missing an opportunity to serve one-third of your prospective clients in this vitally important area.

The original and premiere knowledge source.

We developed the CFS designation 1988—it’s the fourth-oldest designation in the U.S.—to fill a serious gap in the professional practice of certified financial planners. In this intermediate-to-advanced course, you’ll develop a strong working knowledge of

  • mutual funds, ETF, and REITs
  • closed-end funds and similar investments
  • advanced fund analysis and selection
  • asset allocation and portfolio construction

You also will master sophisticated investment strategies that top financial advisors use on a daily basis for risk management, taxes, and estate planning.

Building the long-term strength of your professional practice.

Whether you are an accountant, advisor, banker, broker, money manager, or planner, our CFS® program will equip you with the latest tools of contemporary investing. As with all IBF courses, we update our case studies, lessons, and exams as needed to keep you at the forefront of practice—and ahead of the needs and long-term interests of your clients.


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