Certified Annuity Specialist

What you learn about annuities can make you invaluable.


The CAS designation is not only one of the first of its kind in the industry, it’s also recognized by many Fortune 500 companies. With CAS knowledge and strategies, you master the tools that your clients need most and set yourself apart from competitors.

Increase client comprehension.

Show clients the 40 reasons why investors and advisors favor annuities.

Pick proven winners.

Understand how annuity investments outperform their mutual fund counterparts.

Develop discernment skills.

Differentiate among eight different types of annuity investments.

Avoid common mistakes.

Discover why one-third of all annuities are incorrectly titled.

Assess risk with confidence.

Understand how and when state legal reserves protect annuity owners.

Communicate optimal strategies.

Explain when bond should be replaced with fixed-rate annuities.

Identify alternative investments.

Create portfolio flexibility with variable annuity living benefits.


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