Certified Income Specialist

Customize—and maximize—your clients’ income investments.

Certified Income Specialist

If you’re like many financial advisors, you’ve honed your ability to help clients accumulate wealth. But have you mastered the specialized expertise in wealth distribution and management that is crucial to each client’s financial future? The CIS™ designation expands your range of services to include proven and emerging income-oriented investment options and related fiduciary responsibilities. With CIS™ knowledge and strategies, you can offer specialized guidance on

  • retirement planning
  • cash reserves and FDIC coverage
  • closed-end funds
  • utilities, bonds, and preferred shares
  • academic research and investor psychology

As you master these topics and tools, you also gain the confidence to apply this new expertise to your clients’ real-world scenarios.

Avoid common mistakes.

Use time value tables to project end results, depletion rates, and accumulation.

Assess risk with confidence.

Explain the downsides of investing and strategies for minimizing risk.

Increase client comprehension.

Differentiate between I-Bonds and TIPS.

Provide expert guidance.

Understand how Social Security and Medicare benefits are calculated.

Evaluate alternative income generators.

Assess whether a reverse mortgage is a suitable option.

Develop discernment skills.

Determine if your advisory practice should use an IPS for clients.

Communicate optimal strategies.

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of variable annuity living benefits.


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