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Online ETF Portfolio Programs

Online ETF Portfolio Programs

A number of online brokers provide free online tools for portfolio construction and management. One service known for its simplicity is Motif Investments. Motif offers nine preset and commission-free portfolios; each portfolio is comprised of the same four ETFs from Vanguard and two ETFs from BlackRock (real estate and commodities).


Investors who follow Motif’s recommended annually rebalancing suggestions pay nothing for ongoing trades. If the client wishes to make his or her own changes, multiple trades can be done for a total of $10; an individual trade is $5.


Folio Investing offers more than 160 preset portfolios including 40 described as target date retirement funds with varying risk levels. Folio charges $3 to $10 per trade.


E*Trade offers investors a survey more extensive than Folio’s. The website offers commission-free ETFs from WisdomTree, Deutsche Bank, and Global X Funds. Commissions for other ETF purchases are $10 per trade. Fidelity has an ETF portfolio builder with several preset portfolios including a number of commission-free ETFs, plus most iShares Core funds.


Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade allow investors to select 1-5 target allocations and a number of commission-free ETFs. The TD Ameritrade platform includes 101 commission-free ETFs selected by Morningstar. The Schwab site provides its customers with limit orders.

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