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As eloquent as we strive to be in explaining the power of IBF knowledge and tools, our members say it best. More than 16,000 financial services industry professionals have completed one or more IBF programs—including staff from several dozen Fortune 500 companies. Hear their reports of real-world, on-the-ground impact and success.

After receiving a Master's Degree in Communication and Information systems, I wanted to dive into the financial arena because I was working in that Industry.

I started with the CFS program and was totally excited because I realized how much I didn't know about mutual funds.

I was convinced after attaining that designation that I needed to learn more and the Institute of Business & Finance would be the financial foundation for which to build from.

Three years later and a MSFS degree from IBF, I am confident in any environment. I am now helping the Institute of Business & Finance market their professional designation programs.

Thanks IBF for creating a successful financial career path!

Alan Cormier, MSFS
ING Financial Advisers LLC

I have the Reference Sheets in a folder on a table next to the conference table where I counsel with clients and prospective clients. They're readily available and right at my fingertips.

Great resources and very professional, thank you again.

Dan Cooper, CAS<span id=“tmpRm”>™</span>
Blue Print Retirement & Tax Advisory Group

Many different financial learning programs gear themselves to the "academia level" of learning but fall short of giving the participants the "every day application level" of learning to utilize the information directly with client's to better their needs.

The IBF program for their MSFS which includes the CFS, CAS, CIS™, CES™, and CTS™ are an invaluable education program. Each of the five certification specialist programs allow you to take academic learning for each specialty and directly apply it to your practical knowledge base to better serve your clients. These are not "textbook programs" but rather "real world" usage in the financial services industry.

Being a CFP and currently completing the ChFC and CLU programs, I can honestly state that the Institute of Business & Finance graduate degree program in Master of Science in Financial Services (MSFS) and its five specialist certifications has given me a "total encompassing" of practical and academic knowledge of expertise for my clients. I would highly encourage everyone to participate in any or all of IBF's specialty certifications and their MSFS program!

Robert Crane, MSFS
Best Management Solutions Inc.

My experience in working with the IBF staff was very positive. They all were very supportive and encouraging - the course material was very thorough, informative and challenging. Testing format was practical and flexible.

All in all - a very positive experience.

Patrick Lyman, CAS<span id=“tmpRm”>™</span>
Compass Investment Partners

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