Certified Social Security and Medicare Specialist

Master the intricacies of key retirement benefits

Certified Social Security and Medicare Specialist™

Our Certified Social Security and Medicare Specialist™ is a streamlined package that brings you up to date quickly on essential topics for your financial planning clients. This program expands your range of services and equips you to provide expert guidance on

  • key Social Security features and Medicare coverage
  • benefits taxation
  • evaluating the impact of individual work histories
  • unemployment and disability benefits
  • dos and don’ts of claims filing

As you master Social Security and Medicare topics and tools, you also gain the confidence to maximize your clients’ benefits.

Develop discernment skills.

Identify when an individual or married couple should take early, full, or late Social Security retirement benefits.

Avoid common mistakes.

Understand what is not covered by Medicare parts A and B.

Assess risk with confidence.

Distinguish among different types of living and control trusts.

Increase client comprehension.

Know how to treat monthly benefits as an immediate fixed-rate annuity.

Manage complex scenarios.

Leverage the rights of surviving spouses, divorced spouses, military veterans, and clients living abroad.

Communicate optimal strategies.

Be prepared to explain coverage options available through Medicare supplemental policies.

Provide expert guidance.

Tailor clients’ stock/bond mixes and free up resources for further investment based on individual benefit profiles.


The CSS program contains one module, with one 75 question exam, and a written case study.


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