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Our education is anything but standard.

Gain the skills and proper credentials you need to make a positive change as a professional and in your practice with our Master of Science in Financial Services (MSFS) degree.

Our MSFS is created on a foundation of five core IBF designation programs. Each program is designed with an emphasis in the related topic. With this unique structure, the MSFS is guaranteed to distinguish you from your peers and competitors.

IBF's MSFS degree remains to be one of the first graduate programs designed by practitioners for practitioners. As you know, knowledge, credibility, and time are very valuable in today's market. Taking all of these into consideration, the MSFS program is fit for financial advisors who need the highest level of training in the shortest amount of time and in the most convenient way.

Take your practice to the next level of success and become a master in financial planning.

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What Is Your Expertise?

Become a master in financial planning.

Graduates of the Master of Science in Financial Services program will gain the following:

  • Skills and knowledge of financial planning
  • Interpersonal skills needed to maintain successful client relationships
  • Quantitative and analytical skills needed to address complex financial topics
  • Real-world knowledge coupled with academic theory and studies
  • Ability to recognize ethical dilemmas and how they should be resolved
  • Appropriate method to analyze each asset class
  • Strategies needed for proper portfolio construction

The Importance of a Master of Science in Financial Services

Few people these days know the actual meaning of any certification mark or the hard work it takes to earn a designation. Your clients are in search of the best advisor, practitioner, and counterpart in their financial decision-making process. Holding an MSFS degree from IBF will elevate you to greater trust and credibility.

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Your Smartest Move Yet

Masters of Finance Diploma

With an IBF master’s degree, you’ll have the opportunity to gain the skills you need to grow as a professional and the credentials you need to make a positive change in your practice.

What Should I Expect?


Gain topical knowledge, meaningful analytic skills, a wide range of strategies, presentation abilities, implementation techniques, and the tools necessary to succeed in your career.


The entire program is via distance education and can be completed at your convenience.


The MSFS program can be taken one class at a time.

By completing the MSFS program at IBF, you will gain advanced estate, financial, and tax planning knowledge. Once you are admitted to the program, you can take one designation or course at a time. With each class you complete, you move one step closer toward your master's degree.

The MSFS program enables you to upgrade your knowledge and achieve advanced educational credentials on your own time and from any location. Earning a respected and recognized accredited master's degree from IBF will benefit your career and ensure your professional advancement.

Think Outside the Box

Class Listings

An MSFS degree candidate must complete all of the classes below, totaling 36 semester hours. Each class is worth three semester hours, and your cap stone course is also worth three semester hours.

Core Designation Programs

Complete all five of the following designation programs:

MSFS Courses

Complete all six of the following courses:

Capstone Course

Once you've taken all of the other courses (33 semester hours), you may then complete the capstone course:

Once enrolled, you will have up to five years to complete the MSFS program. Some students have completed the requirements in less than 18 months.

Yes, it is achievable, and you can do it with IBF's help.

What is the Capstone Course?

The final project for your Master of Science in Financial Services degree is called the Financial Plan.

You will be given a 1 page fact pattern about a hypothetical client, and you will then write a 10 to 20 page financial plan that will be reviewed by IBF.

Your plan should include the following:

Restate the financial and other important information about the client.

What are the goals of the client? List what they are trying to accomplish in order of their priority.

Now translate these goals into dollar figures. For example, $5,000 of pre-tax monthly retirement income.

What is your strategy to help the client achieve their goals? What are the historical returns, risk and asset class correlations that the client will need to know about?

How exactly will this plan be implemented, and with what timing? Are their pros and cons to your plan?

When will you review the clients progress, and how often?

Course Materials

The IBF designation programs were developed internally and have proprietary material for each course. The MSFS courses are used by graduate schools throughout the country. Textbooks are included with all course fees and are supplemented with IBF study guides and sample questions.

For more information on our MSFS program, call us at (800) 848-2029.

Have Questions?

We have answers.

The Frequently Asked Questions page is here to answer your most commonly asked questions.

How does your pricing compare with other MSFS programs?

IBF's MSFS graduate degree program costs less than any other program currently available.

There are two reasons for this: First, a number of people serve IBF without compensation. Second, no individual or company owns IBF, so we do not have to show a profit to satisfy public shareholders or private owners.

We care more about you than we care about making a profit. And that is why we both succeed.

How long have you been offering an MSFS program?

For seven years. IBF has been offering its other designation programs since 1988.

Once I am admitted, how long until I receive materials?

Course materials will be sent out immediately.

Applications are usually reviewed (and approved or rejected) within 90 days. Materials are sent within a day of application approval.

How do I get college or university transcripts?

Simply contact the registrar's office of each college and university attended and ask for the transcripts.

A registrar's office will usually require a nominal fee to process your request ($10-$20). Some offices require a written request along with a check. Others can process your request over the phone.

What should I do once I receive a copy of my transcript?

Send it directly to IBF. Our address is on the Contact Us page.

Make sure that you send the original copy that you received from the registrar's office. A photocopy is not acceptable.

Do you offer financial aid, scholarships or any type of discounts?

IBF offers discounts to all U.S. military veterans. Also your company may have negotiated a discount via our Corporate Affiliate Program (CAP) with IBF. Contact admissions for more information.

How do I get help if I have questions about course materials or IBF procedures?

You will be assigned a student services representative. You may contact your student services representative during normal business hours by e-mail or telephone.

If the student services representative is unable to address any concern or question you might have, , and a faculty member will respond within one business day.

How are classes and course materials selected?

The courses are reflective of graduate business courses that are common to business schools, and are as practical as possible. All of the designation programs contain extensive materials and ideas that can be incorporated into an advisor's daily practice immediately.

The list of courses has been narrowed down to topics that are the most effective possible, given the nature and restrictions of a graduate-level financial services curriculum.

The textbooks for the course are the same as those used by MBA and MSFS programs throughout the country. The books for the seven noncore courses are updated on a regular basis.

Don't see the answer to your question here? Give us a call at (800) 848-2029 and ask away.

Want to Become a Master in Financial Planning?

Then IBF's Master of Science in Financial Services is for you.

Applying is simple. You will need the following:

  1. Pay - $395 application fee ($300 will be refunded if admission is denied)
  2. Submit - Your Resume
  3. Send - Official School Transcripts from each college or university you have attended 90 days prior to the date of your IBF application

No GMAT or GRE exam scores are required.

You can apply at anytime and there are no deadlines for admission to the program. Once we receive your application, you will be periodically e-mailed about its status.

Only candidates with an existing bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and five years of financial service industry experience are eligible for the MSFS at IBF.

Not sure if you qualify? Just contact us or give us a call at (800) 848-2029 for pre-admission advise.

Get the process started today. It's a lot easier to become a master in financial planning than you think-IBF is here to help.

Education You Need at a Price You Can Afford

How much does the MSFS at IBF cost?

At IBF, you can receive a Master of Science in Financial Services for only $10,885. Help

Are you ready to advance to the next level? Give us a call today at (800) 848-2029.