Alternative Investments

Adapt to changing circumstances with risk-reducing strategies

Alternative Investments

Our Alternative Investments Certificate is a streamlined package that brings you up to date quickly on essential topics for your financial planning clients. This certificate expands your range of services and equips you to provide expert guidance on

  • leveraged funds, hedge funds, and commodities
  • private equity
  • leveraged buyouts and mezzanine debt
  • distressed debt
  • credit derivatives

The IBF certificate program is our most efficient learning platform—you earn your certificate without having to deliver a final project. As you master alternative investment topics and tools, you also gain the confidence to provide modest-to-moderate annual returns while reducing your clients’ risk exposure.

Develop discernment skills.

Understand how alternative investments can balance a portfolio.

Avoid common mistakes.

Recognize potential pitfalls such as fee structure, liquidity, and tax inefficiency.

Implement optimal strategies.

Develop plans that exhibit low standard deviations without sacrificing returns.


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